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A Little About Xcluciv

What makes us stand out above the competition is our xclucivity. Unlike most suppliers who retail 20% barber supplies & 80% beauty supplies, we only sell barber supplies - 100%. If there is a barber item out on the market, worldwide, we carry it.

In addition to our extensive inventory, we also provide barbers with professional on-site equipment repair that is operated by trained experts who specialize in restoration, Becoming A Master (BAM!) Workshops designed for those who want to take their skills to the next level, & our Middletown location is a NYS Approved Barber Examination Test site.

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Extensions of Xcluciv

  • About Xcluciv Barber Supplier

    Oct 23, 2014/ (0)

    Under the management of Robert Clarke, who has been a barber himself for 20 years and a NYS Exam Supervisor for 13 years, Xcluciv

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  • Equipment Repair Services

    Oct 23, 2014/ (0)

    At Xcluciv, we provide Barbers with professional Equipment Repair, along with Scissors & Blade Sharpening services. All equip

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  • BAM! Barber Workshops

    Oct 23, 2014/ (0)

    BAM! Becoming A Master Barber Workshops are designed exclusively for the barber and/or stylist who wants to advance their skills

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  • Signature Furniture

    Oct 23, 2014/ (0)

    Xcluciv also offers our “Signature Collection” of quality barber furniture xclucivly designed to provide barbers with

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Brand of the month



Elegance offers a wide variety of flavors for their professional line of products. Everything from their Planetary Pump Shave Gels to Ultra Styling Gels & Black Cover-Up Gel.

Get one of these Elegance Shave or Hair Gels from Xcluciv today!

Elegance Sun Shave Gel, Elegance Mercury Shave Gel, Elegance Earth Shave Gel, Elegance Jupiter Shave Gel, Elegance Venus Shave Gel, Elegance Moon Shave Gel, Elegance Vitamin Pro Hair Gel, Elegance Blue or Pink Triple Action Hair Gel, Elegance Plus (Covers White) Styling Gel